Kiri Jolly
Graphics Programmer
C/C++ programming
Windows and Linux programming. ANSI C, C99, C++98, C++11 and up. DOS, Windows, and Linux development.
Assembly language
6800 assembly, 68HC11 assembly, x86 assembly (real-mode and 32-bit, DOS and Linux), small amount of x86-64 assembly.
Graphics programming
Engine development for PC, XBox 360, and XBox One. DirectX API, OpenGL API.
Build systems
Unreal Build Tool, GNU Autotools, handwritten Makefiles, Watcom Makefiles. Continuous integration with Gitlab. CI with Jenkins.
Unreal Engine 4
Graphics programming, blueprints, animation blueprints, materials. C++ coding. Setup and use on Windows and Linux. Android development and mobile optimization. Plugin development.
Linux/Unix skills
Installation and use. Use and configuration for desktop and development. Maintenance and updating. Mainly Debian and Debian-based distributions.
Specific applications
Emacs, Visual Studio, Blender, Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Clang, GCC, GDB, Valgrind, American Fuzzy Lop, Watcom compiler for DOS.
XBox 360 development
Programming and performance profiling.
XBox One development
Graphics engine optimization.
3D game engine and content pipeline engineering
Blender scripting and exporters. General asset processing (models, textures, etc). In-house import/export tools. Unreal 4 texture/model asset pipelines.
Version control software
Git (setup and use), SVN (setup and use), Perforce (usage only), CVS (please don't).
Audio programming
MOD format decoding and playback (from scratch, no libraries), Soundblaster 2.0 hardware programming, ALSA MIDI programming.
Previous Employment
Mountain View, CA. March 2017 - current. Software Engineer.
Neoglyphic Entertainment
Campbell, CA. August 2015 - March 2017. Senior Programmer.
Trion Worlds
Redwood City, CA. December 2014 - August 2015. Senior Graphics Engineer.
Cryptic Studios
Los Gatos, CA. July 2009 - November 2014. Programmer.
Leisure Time Games
Santa Maria Town Center Mall, Santa Maria, CA. 2005 December 2006. Sales Clerk.
Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science: Game Design
University of California, Santa Cruz, December 2008
Associate of arts degree in Computer Science
Allan Hancock College, 2006
Associate of arts degree in Liberal Arts
Allan Hancock College, 2006
ARCore for Unreal - Android (March 2017-current)
Google's augmented reality plugin for Unreal Engine 4.
  • Graphics programming
  • Mobile optimization
NeoFur - PC (Win/Mac/Linux), Android, iOS, PS4, XBox One (August 2015-March 2017, launched 2016)
Fur and hair rendering and simulation plugin for Unreal Engine 4.
  • Graphics programming
  • Mobile optimization
  • Build engineering

Notable titles using NeoFur:
  • Tekken 7
  • Marvel Powers United VR
Rift - PC (December 2014-August 2015, launched 2011)
Free-to-play PC MMORPG.
  • Graphics programming
Neverwinter - PC (2009-2014, launched 2013), XBox One (2013-2014)
Dungeon and Dragons license MMORPG.
  • Graphics programming
  • Engine programming
  • XBox One graphics optimization
  • WINE support
Star Trek Online - PC (2009-2014, launched 2010), Mac (2009-2014, launched 2014)
PC Space MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe.
  • Graphics programming
  • Engine programming
  • Mac port using Transgaming middleware
  • WINE support
Champions Online - PC (2009-2012, launched 2009)
PC Superhero MMORPG.
  • Graphics programming
  • Engine programming
  • User interface
  • XBox and XBox-controller specific user interface
Unshipped/Noncommercial Projects
Ninkasi (2016-current)
Another scripting language!
  • Cross-platform
  • Runs in DOS! (Real-mode and 32-bit protected mode)
  • Written in ANSI C
  • No dependencies beyond the standard C library
  • Hand-written lexer and parser
  • Sandboxable*
  • Robust error handling and recovery
  • Faster than DerpScript
  • C-like syntax
  • VM state serialization and deserialization
  • Serialized state portability
Source available: Ninkasi on Intoxicoding

* Tested extensively with AFL, Valgrind, static code analysis, undefined behavior sanitizers, and running on a variety of platforms of different word size and endianness, but ultimately the security cannot be guaranteed.
DerpTexture (2015)
Procedural texture and scriptable image processing tool using DerpScript.
  • Cross-platform
  • Multi-process safe cache for large parallel texture processing operations.
DerpScript (2013)
Scripting language with C-like syntax and a simple API.
  • Mark-and-Sweep Garbage collector.
  • Lexer and parser written in C++ (no parser generator).
  • Standard C++ and cross-platform (no dependencies beyond the C++ standard).
Source available: DerpScript on GitHub
Lily Project 2 (2009-2010)
Side-scrolling platformer game engine.
  • Lua integration.
  • OpenAL and Ogg Vorbis sound
  • OpenGL and DirectX 9 renderers
  • Runs on Linux, Mac, and Win32